Artist Reception: Queer Art of Resistance


The Fine Art Galleries at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center has curated a group exhibit, Queer Art of Resistance, that will be displayed from April 10-May 15 with an artist reception on April 20th.

​The exhibit is a response to public displays of bigotry that paralleled the election of Donald Trump, White House policy proposals that feed on racism and xenophobia, and appointments of presidential personnel with long-held anti-LGBT views. This exhibit especially features activist, grassroots, and intersectional art mostly by LGBT-identified artists. The exhibit is curated by Deborah Rabinsky and is supported in part with a grant from Puffin Foundation West.

Participating artists:
Linda Bahner
Richard Begbie
Liz Bradbury, MFA
Celeste Brooks
Lillie Brosky
Amanda Chevalier
Amy Cousins
Susan Dipronio
Elicia Gonzalez
Josh Graupera
Joleen Hanlund
Will Hübscher
Ken Jones Jr.
Carolyn Lewis
Amy Martin
Ann Elizabeth Schlegel
Alix Stoll

Art purchases support local & regional LGBT artists AND arts & culture programs at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center.

This is a social sober event. No alcohol will be served.

For more information:
  • Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center
    522 W. Maple St., Allentown
  • Thursday Apr 20
  • Event on Facebook


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